The Big Shockers in Advertising: Part #4

PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) is a company that stands for the “rights” of animals around the world. Their main focuses include animals in factory farms, laboratories, in the clothing trade and also in the entertainment industry. Recently the have started a new campaign to push people to become vegetarians.

The name of the campaign is the “Save the Whales” campaign. This campaign has nothing to do with actually saving a whale. The whale in this case is referring to people, more specifically overweight people. Their underlying slogan to the campaign is “Lose the Blubber. Go vegetarian.” There has been a big stir in the media about this campaign, numerous amounts of people are taking this ad to be offensive.

I think that there is a reason for people to cause an uproar about the campaign because it is really a very unethical campaign. The funny thing is the PETA’s name states that they stand for ethics and even though it is for animals, I feel it should be respected for everyone. But aren’t humans animals too in a sense?

When asked about the new campaign and its controversy a spokesperson from the campaign states that they feel that animals don’t understand what is being done to them and they need someone to speak for them while on the other hand humans are able to defend themselves and can understand. They feel that this ad is not to be taking offensively but if it is then people can do something about it. My question for PETA is if you are going to offend humans on earth and then you upset them….who will be with you to save the animals?

    • Jayme
    • March 23rd, 2010

    Peta is always doing something to catch the attention of the public in a negative way. This campaign is very offensive. I don’t know why they would think this would not offend people when they are saying things like lose the blubber. Being a vegetarian is not the complete answer to handling the issue of obesity. I am stunned that someone would even think to come out with a campaign called “Save the Whales” and not be talking about actual whales. I think my mouth is still on my keyboard because you can not honestly expect people not to think PETA didn’t mean this maliciously. It is a complete shame how much more that they care about animals but not their own kind. PETA is really quick to offend or protest, but they do not understand when they have gone too far. As Americans we are reminded everyday that we live in an unhealthy country, so we definitely do not need them calling people “whales!” It’s just RUDE!!

    • marielorelei
    • April 11th, 2010

    I can definitely understand why people would take the ad to be offensive. I mean in today’s society we are supposed to be a bit more politically correct than that. I know that PETA’s whole deal is to shock people into doing what they think is right, but this definitely crosses a line. It’s bad enough that they throw fake blood on people that wear fur, but insulting people is just low. Everyone can’t stand to go vegetarian, I have thought about doing it and even tried to but vegetables are too bland to sustain my palette.

    You’re definitely right that humans are animals, we fall into the category of being animals. We’re just supposed to be the more intelligent brand of animals, PETA is definitely not making us look too intelligent though.

  1. I remember discussing this in my Advertising class last semester. PETA is always doing the MOST! It seems as though they anger as many as they attract!

  2. I am not sure what PETA’s problem is. I realize that the members and founders are an extremely passionate group of people but I think that they are going about spreading the word completely the wrong way! I saw an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians where PETA wanted Khloe Kardashian to do a shoot for PETA’s “I’d Rather Go Naked than Wear Fur” campaign. The woman in charge of the photo shoot calmly called her and presented Ms. Kardashian with extremely graphic video footage showing animals being tortured while still alive. This approach to try and attempt celebrities and the public to stop wearing fur is a peaceful, civil and appropriate approach. I do not see the need to pour blood onto celebrities walking down the red carpet in fur coats or lock naked people in cages without food or water (symbolizing cattle before slaughter).
    After I read your post, I did research on the internet and looked to see what other controversial campaigns PETA has launched. I found a few including one titled “Holocaust on your plate” which showed a starving man in a concentration camp next to a starving cow. Another was launched just a week after the horrible murder that occurred on the Greyhound bus in Canada. A man was repeatedly stabbed and finally beheaded on board while the other passengers were forced to watch. The PETA ad that came out read “Manitoba…The victim is slaughtered and his head cut off…His struggles and cries are still ignored… It’s still going on!” The ad was comparing the man’s death to the handling of animals in slaughterhouses.
    PETA needs to change their advertising because they are losing more followers than gaining them in my opinion.

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