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Did you know?

Have you ever seen the Did you know 1.0 series about changes in media and technology? If you haven’t here is a sample that I am sure will keep you “youtubing” for more!


Bebo…ummmm come again?

So while researching new social networking sites Bebo comes in the rankings of  3rd  place behind Facebook and Myspace. My question was I don’t use Bebo and neither does my friends so who is?? Random I know but you know you want to know too! What I have realized after viewing this charter is that Bebo is the 3rd largest social network but still low in its numbers. It is growing very quickly and is used more often outside of the United States. So Bebo is hitting the big kid charts but not exactly ready to play.

Google Apps Highlight Blogs

One company that I love a lot is Google. Those that have taken classes with me hear me express my love for the company. The direction I see Google going into is what interest me. But to keep up with what is going on with Google I started reading its blogs. One interesting blog I keep up with is the Google Apps Highlights. This is a series of blogs that keep me updated with some of my applications from Google. So I wanted to share these blogs with you guys…hope you enjoy!

Google Apps Highlights

New GSU Anthem

Here is a video I helped direct on Georgia Southern University’s Campus. It was shot as a viral video assignment for the department of campus life. Hope you enjoy!

Rihanna and Matt Kemp…publicity stunt???

So I love Rihanna and that’s this post came about. I am so for people leaving celebrities lives to themselves but something suspicious has hit the media and it felt like it happened over night. So I was watching a local tv show and the announcer mentions the relationship between Rihanna and L.A. Dodgers Matt Kemp. So out of curiosity I Google Search the couple and naturally take a view of images. There are over 3 pages of the newly discovered couple and this is what seems unreal to me. Most celebrity couples try to keep the relationship as private as possible. But for some reason this is not the case with Rihanna and Matt. It seems like one of them is yearning for some attention how quickly this relationship became so public. Throughout the pictures you see the couple at various public events like basketball games and museum visits.

The pictures also look ver staged. They look more like a married couple as opposed to one that could only be dating for less than a year. Another thing is I never heard of Matt Kemp before this new relationship. I am very much not questioning the actual relationship being legit. But I am looking more at who is trying to get this new attention and why?

Stereotyping in Advertising: By Race

This advertisement is one  that I actually saw while walking Time Square in New York. Just to describe the advertisement in detail a little bit because this was taken with my Blackberry phone and not a professional camera. The Headline reads “Thought Prison was Hard? : Try looking for a DECENT JOB when you get out.” Under the headline is actually the name of the company sponsoring the ad which I did not get a great image of when I took the shot. To the left of the company’s name is a black family. Many times I hear how the black community is always in some kind of trouble and always locked up. This company may have meant no harm but I took this advertisement offensively. I rather had seen a stick figured family or a group of people of all backgrounds before this picture of this family. To me this picture screams the stereotype of black families staying in the prison systems, when in all this applies to people of all backgrounds that the company needs to be targeting.

The Big Shockers in Advertising: Part #3

Again I want you guys to comment and tell me what you think this advertisement means. At first I got a woman that had been beat up by someone but still stod strong. Woman empowerment maybe? Domestic Abuse? Nope. This ad is about a support bra. If you are not familiar with the inside joke this ad is in reference to women’s breast hitting them in their face if they are not tied down by a bra. This ad brought ore sadness upon and not make me exactly happy to buy a new supported bra. So did they really get anything accomplished but an few extra views?